Recycled Pera Virens hipbags collection

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Casual photo shooting by the sea at lovely Cesarova beach, Medveja. Handmade backpack made out of recycled materials

Tuesday is Soylent Green day

Tuesday is Soylent Green day

Well, tuesday was yesterday and today is product photography day:) I am so happy with my lightbox I decided to have another photo session. I made some new recycled plastic caps rings and they were the perfect candidate for the photo shooting. Very easy to handle, no demands, great models:) I found some lovely moss in the forest and I knew instantly I had to use it to create a scene. I also made a quick shooting with a recycled plastic bag I made, but I will need to make a larger lightbox for the best results. Check it out! You can see more photos on facebook/pera virens. prstenovi_photo_kolaz torbice_photo_kolaz