Art bazaar OUTLET @ Rijeka

Vidimo se ove subote 13.02. na art bazaaru u Rijeci.

Više informacija na —>  linku


Etsy shop grand reopening

Yes, it’s true, I updated my Etsy shop and it should be up & running in a few days.

I will refill it every week with some new products & I am very excited to see how it goes.

Really looking forward to it, come & stop by next week, it will be special.


Handmade sea themed food menus

Handsewn, cut & assembled by PeraVirens. Materials used: burlap, rope, seashells, pebbles, handcut linoleum forms – fish, anchor

bellavista-002 bellavista-003 bellavista-004 bellavista-005

Manic sunday sewing attack

soho slouch bag, toteLast sunday, the weather was not very friendly, rainy & windy, and although I promised my friends I would go hiking I decided to stay at home. I accidently stumbled upon a great and simple bag pattern. I had some materials that have been sleeping inside my closet for a long long long time and I decided to make them useful. No point of preserving them! I am a manic sewing lady, when I get going with scissors there’s no stopping, and sometimes it’s the only way I get things done and finished. I really enjoyed working on the bag and the end result was so rewarding. I made the bag reversible so it can be worn on both sides. It also has bottom piping on both sides and all in all it’s a fun project to make! Just follow the pattern and you’ll be done in no time.