Manic sunday sewing attack

soho slouch bag, toteLast sunday, the weather was not very friendly, rainy & windy, and although I promised my friends I would go hiking I decided to stay at home. I accidently stumbled upon a great and simple bag pattern. I had some materials that have been sleeping inside my closet for a long long long time and I decided to make them useful. No point of preserving them! I am a manic sewing lady, when I get going with scissors there’s no stopping, and sometimes it’s the only way I get things done and finished. I really enjoyed working on the bag and the end result was so rewarding. I made the bag reversible so it can be worn on both sides. It also has bottom piping on both sides and all in all it’s a fun project to make! Just follow the pattern and you’ll be done in no time.

Recycling plastic sunrise

Recycling plastic sunrise
Some of the new stuff I made, recycled plastic cap rings. They will soon be listed in my etsy shop! It’s not easy multitasking, multitasking:)rings_recycled

Tuesday is Soylent Green day

Tuesday is Soylent Green day

Well, tuesday was yesterday and today is product photography day:) I am so happy with my lightbox I decided to have another photo session. I made some new recycled plastic caps rings and they were the perfect candidate for the photo shooting. Very easy to handle, no demands, great models:) I found some lovely moss in the forest and I knew instantly I had to use it to create a scene. I also made a quick shooting with a recycled plastic bag I made, but I will need to make a larger lightbox for the best results. Check it out! You can see more photos on facebook/pera virens. prstenovi_photo_kolaz torbice_photo_kolaz

DIY Photo Light Box

I’ve been planinng to make a light box for a long time now and I finally made it yesterday. I have to say it was the easiest and quickest project I’ve done until now. I’ve followed the instructions from this lovely site flaxandtwine. Thanks Anne! I made just one alternation and used plain cotton bed sheet instead of tissue paper. I am happy to say the project is a complete success, I just need to get bigger and brighter lights so I can reduce the shadows to a minimum. A few months ago I broke the screen on my old camera and I couldn’t afford a professional camera so I bought the most inexpensive digital camera I could find. It’s Samsung ES90. For the stuff I use it it’s really great and I can’t complain! Read more about the camera HERE. If you’re thinking about making a lightbox go ahead, it’s really easy and the result is great, professional looking photos that will give your products a new glow. And have fun doing it;) On photos below are some earrings and fake gauges I make that I’ll be selling in my new etsy shop.



I’m gonna share some thoughts with you that’s been constantly spinning in my head. Like many of you, I like doing creative things but I always feel I have so little time to engage in everything I would like. It’s a constant struggle to finish something off, or to start new things. I want to do so many things but the time is not on my side. For instance, I would like to open a new etsy shop, I would also like to maintain my old shop fresh and lovely, I would like to have time to practice my mixing and djing skills, I would love to sew new things and maybe some clothes for myself. Guess what?

No time:)

Then I stop a little. I really don’t need to do every single thing I think of, however they might seem important. I constantly forget I need to take a deep breath and stop for a while, just letting go and not doing anything.

It’s the best way to do everything. Trust me:)


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